This old subdomain is retired

This old mirror of the AI Horde service has been retired due to a changing AI landscape. We are big fans of the AI Horde platform and want to ask you to update your software to use its official AI domain

What happens to my account and all the kudos?

Because the service was already operated by Haidra your account will continue to work on . This domain merely served as a mirror of their service.

Did something happen between AI Horde / Haidra and KoboldAI?

No, this change was made to better differentiate between Haidra’s offerings and KoboldAI’s offerings and the corresponding responsibilities, we will continue to work closely with Haidra by integrating with their platform in our frontend and backend software. We fully trust them to operate and moderate their service. Haidra has been successfully running the platform since it was originally created.

What is the difference between Haidra and KoboldAI?

KoboldAI is a community dedicated to the KoboldAI software. Haidra is the organization operating the AI Horde platform and dedicated to decentralized AI compute.


      Makes flexible AI frontends for language modeling.

      Maintains various backends for AI generations many of which can connect to Haidra’s AI Horde platform as either a frontend or a backend.

      Does not offer any hosted models or model hosting services, instead our users host these models themselves or rely on third party providers such as AI Horde to do the generations for them.


      Primarily maintains the AI Horde platform and its software.

      Does develop some frontends and backends primarily focussed on image generation.

      Users can use various model backends on their platforms including the ones made by KoboldAI.

What is the history of AI Horde, why was this originally using your domain?

The original version of the KoboldAI Horde was made and hosted by KoboldAI discord member db0 and only compatible with KoboldAI to facilitate this we provided this subdomain. Separately he developed (Old domain) for stable diffusion. Later on it was decided it was better to have these projects under one banner in one code base. The old KoboldAI Horde got shut down and its capability was combined with the Stable Horde under the AI Horde banner. Since, db0 has created Haidra as the organization to manage and operate the AI Horde.